how to win your job in 2021


job search is never going to be the same again I’ve got a ton to cover in this video if you want to get a job in 2021 you don’t want to miss this how’s it going destination thank you so much for joining me in this post. I’ve got so much to cover you want to make sure watch this entire video the whole way through everything you need to know about the latest changes and what hiring manager is looking for i’m going to go through step by step so many changes since the pandemichas started let me tell you exactly what i’m going to go through first and then we’re going to go through each onein great detail if you need a job in 2021 this is the ultimate blog for you that you don’t need to go anywhere else here are the things that i’m going to cover in this blog step by step i’m going to address these issues the first thing that i’m going to address is how has the hiring process change dsince the start of the pandemic that’s abig one we’re going to talk about thatin depth number two we’re going to talk about what should you job seekers know about getting their resumes in front of recruiters or hiring managers for 2021oh my god this one’s a big one so muchhas changed you guys number three how can job seekers getin a world where almost everything is online number four how can job seekers get recruiters to respond to them this one’s a big one right here and then number five how can job seekers make the case to be a remote worker that’s really really important and then last but not least what is the most important thing to keep in mind right now as a job seeker i’m going tocover that at the very end of this sowe’re gonna go through every one of these step by step and let’s just go ahead and jump right into okay number one let’s get right into this how has the hiring process changed since the start of the pandemic so obviously the biggest thing that has changed uhsince everything that has happened hereand that’s something that you need to beprepared forin 2021 is that everything has gone remote everything has gone online and so the traditional sort of process where you come into the office for rounds ofin-person interviews guess what folksthat is gone i’ve got an amazingvideo literally a 30-minute training onthe artand science of virtual interviews andvideo interviewsi’ll leave a link to that in theDescription down below you need to gocheck that outand you need to go watch thatimmediately after this videobut um you know in person interviews forthe foreseeable futureare completely obsolete it’s just notgoing to happen a lot of these thingscan be doneasynchronously for a lot of companiessynchronous meetings and real-timeinterviews are still being donebut companies are doing things a lotdifferentlyand here’s the biggest example when itcomes to the hiring process what haschangedmore and more companies are asking foryou to submit avideo resume and the company then looksat it and then it gets back to youso even the virtual interview processa lot of that kind of real-timesynchronous interviewis changing and adapting and evolvinginto asynchronous akathey’re having you submit a video maybethrough higher view or others and maybeyou can relate to this let me know inthe comments down belowif this is something that has happenedyou um and so you’re being asked tosubmit a video where they can watch andanalyze it laterso guys the importance of video brandingthe importance of camera branding theimportance of communicating effectivelyhaving aconcise elevator pitch if you will thatproposes value to the company andorganizationit’s essential right now i’ve got a tonof videos i’ll leave themin the description down below of thisvideo i’ve got a ton of videos thataddress thisyou have to go check each one of themout okay let’s go with the number twopoint which is whatcan you what should you know abouttrying to getyour resume in front of recruiters andhiring managersfor 2021 so here’s the biggest mistake that people make and i’ve said this tomy clients i’ve said this tomy students you know i run a personalbranding consulting agency where we helpindividuals just like youuh you know brand themselves online gettheir linkedin profile intact I i construct architect brand new resumesfrom scratch for clientsif you’re interested in working with mei’ll leave a link in the descriptiondown below here’s the biggest mistakethat people makewhen they’re composing their resume andsomething that you need to addressin 2021 or else you’re toast and that isstop putting all this extraneousinformationthat kind of it’s just trying too hardtoshow who you are and how amazing andgreat you areyou need to narrow it down you need tobe very very concisenobody has time for that stuff you know you being a volleyball expert or you uh you knowknowing how to uh being a pole vaulter in 1975 nobodycaresthat’s the stuff that you talk about inthe interview they want thingsfast you have to understand the end userpsychology nowof what hiring managers recruiters andhr directors arereally going through right now what whatthat means is understand what they seeevery day they see million resumesa week and so how are you going to standout if you’ve got thislong laborious resume that’s filledwith all this miscellaneous extrainformation about you that’s just meantto kind of show how cool you arehow cool you think you are you’re in a lot of trouble and so make sure that you keep it veryvery concise make sure that you answer very very specific questions keep it tight achievements accomplishments that relate or align to the position that you’re going for is key that’s how you’re going to get your resume in front of the right people and withyour design don’t be too artsyor cutesy nobody has time for thatanymore unless you’re going for like avideographergraphic design position ui ux but iwould even say i would even pause it asan executive career coach myselfi would even posit that that isunnecessary and thatwhen you’re when you’re trying to comeup with this elaborate design for yourresumemore often than not it gets in the wayof your messageand nobody has time for that i want toshare one thing with youit used to be that people spent sixseven seconds you know reading a resumewell in 2021 that number has drasticallydroppedi’m saying now two to three seconds ifyou haven’t grabbed their attentionthey scan they don’t read anymore if youhaven’t grabbed their attention in apowerful waywith a document that is architected totheir needshasta la pasta it’s over okay numberthreeuh the number three uh point that iwanna make that’s gonna help you get a jobin 2021 how can you wanna answer thisquestionhow can you get noticed in a worldwhere almost everything is online nowwellobviously you need to really create apowerful personal brandand there isn’t a better place forprofessionals and people looking forcareer transition and looking for jobsthan linkedin now i’ve got a ton ofvideoson my channel i’ll leave a playlist thisentireplaylist i give keynote presentationsi’m a linkedin experti’ve been working as a linkedinconsultant for a very very long timealmost over two decadesso if you want to uh make sure that youcheck out the link in the descriptiondown below i have an entire playlisteverything you need to know aboutprofile content building your brandhow to use the new linkedin update thatjust came outan entire tutorial on that go check thatout in the description down below makesure that you get involveddon’t just create a linkedin profileandthen justleave it there and then you know ghostit and never you knowactually log in or never actually usethe platform networkdon’t think of linkedin as if it’sfacebook linkedin is the number onebusiness website for professionals it’swhere the company decision makersoperate so you need to go where theaction is you need to participateyou need to engage you need to providevalue expressshow and demonstrate your thoughtleadership in your industry that’s goingto be more powerfulthan even a resume i’ve said this many many times beforethe resume is dead your personal brandwhich is just really moderncommunicationsunderstanding the online ecosystem iseverythingokay number four uh point that i want toaddress how canyou get recruiters to respond to you youknow a lot of peopledon’t understand that you know and itreally hurts i know it does when you getghosted by a recruiter or a hiringmanagerdon’t take it personally it’s not apersonal reflectionof who you are 99 of the time it’s justthat these guys are super super busyand so don’t take that personally andalso you know i would really advocateinstead of going to the recruitergo to the hiring manager but also applydirectly to the positionapply directly to the position you knowno offense to recruiters butyou know not only are they super busybut recruiters you got to understandthat most recruiters they really onlypaid if you get a job not the job thatyou loveor the job that really means everythingro you but a job there’s a differencethereso apply directly to the position but ifyou want to get really attention this isall about communications rightyou know instead of hounding them andsaying hey man what’s going on like what happened i never heard from youand sometimes you don’t may not realizebut your tone and even your frustrationcan bleed through in your emails andyour emails on linked dinsay something thoughtful don’t be too pushy don’t try too hard think of it like anykind of human relationship the more thatyou nudge the more that you feelclingy and and that you’re you’re kind of pestering them they’re going to be turned off by thatright so just send them a nicemessage provide value to them reach outto them on linkedin and say hey i hopeyou’re having a wonderful day hopeeverything is going wellyou know i thought this might beto you share something tothem that might be valuable maybe anarticleand then at the very end say hey by theway i’m stillinterested if you’re still hiring i’mstill interestedif you want to work together subtlety bea human beingdon’t be you know don’t try to besomething that you’re notjust be authentic and that’s how you canget people to respond to you bea human number five the next thing iwant to address here is how can youmake the case to be a remoteworker there is no doubt in my mindthat online and remote work and workingfrom homeis here to stay don’t want to sound likea broken record but i’ve got a tonof links in the description videos on mychannel on my brandeverything about finding work from homejobs what are the best high payingonline jobshow to really the best tips workingremotely the best remote jobs i’ve got aton of linksi’ll leave them in the description downbelow first off i would say thisdo not even mention that you know if thejob happens to be in san francisco ornew yorkbut you would rather live in hawaii oryou know puerto ricofirst of all i would not mention youknowyour preference for location or yourpreference for being a remote workeruntil after really the interest has beenestablished you’ve built a rapport withthe recruiteror hiring manager and you know make thatask toward theend when you’ve already created arelationship too many people i see thisall the time again it goes back to beinghuman too many of my clients too manypeople i see them do this timeand time again and what they do is theyputeverything out on the table you know onthe very first dateconsider it like it’s like dating youot to be subtle you got to not justreveal everything right at once you knowjust start talking about things you knowbuild a conversation build a rapportbuild a relationshipand then you know before you draw thatline in the sand you really want tomake sure that that individual sees thevalue and what you can bring to thecompanyfirst that’s called leverage when youhave demonstratedthat you’re an asset you have leverageand you can makethose kind of demands and more oftenthan not they will acquiesce to themso if you want to make the case to be aremote worker i would sayagain this is why communication this iswhy your people skills your human skillsare more important than everythingcommunicate in that service mindset i’vegot a ton of videos where i talk aboutthisbe a human being build the relationshipbuild a rapportshow them don’t tell them show them thatyou’re an assetand that creates leverage and that getsyou what you want okay number sixthis is the big one this is the big dogpay very very close attention to thisthe number six point that i wanted tomake and i wanted to address on how youcan find a job and get a job in 2021what do you think is the most importantthingwhat i think is the most important thingyou need to keep in mindright now as a job seeker in 2021first and foremost you’ve got to makesure that you do everything in yourpowerto build that natural realauthentic confidence iknow more than anybody how frustratingght now especially with everythingthat’s been going on especially with allthese changesthat are happening adaptation adaptationis so keyyou have to adapt but when you loseconfidence they smell it cookingif you don’t believe in what you’resaying if you don’t have that bodylanguagethat energy don’t ever forget this nesnationpeople don’t hire your accoladespeople don’t hire your degrees peopledon’t hireyour credentials they hire your energydon’t ever forget thatit’s the epicenter to your successthey can smell it cooking if you don’t have that confidence you need to doeverything in your powerto feel good about yourselfyou know when you’re talking about yourexperience you need to do everything inyour power to sell the most valuableproduct on planet earthyou here’s another piece of advice don’tthink of yourself this is how you getconfidencethis is how you really nail theinterview it just comes down to this onethingi’m gonna share it don’t think ofyourself as a job candidateseeking employment think of yourself asa business of oneselling your services for a faircompensationwhy because that puts you in the mindsetof making it allabout them not about yourself too manypeople in the job interview they saythis is what i want this is what mysalary this is my vacation time this iswhat mydesire my requests they make it allabout them this is what i’m good atthey make it all about them make itaboutthe actual employer make it about thecompanymake it about the organizations how doeswhat you doadapt and align with what they need whatproblem can you solve if you communicateit in that fashionyour confidence is going to naturallybleed in because you need to believe inyourselfmore than anybody else and when you walkinto that interviewthat energy is palpable it’s infectiousso do everything in your power if youget an interview opportunity right nowespecially in q1 and 2021 and beyondevenyou’ve got to understand with everythingthat’s going on the economic crisis thepandemiceverything else and even if you’rewatching this way in the futureall of that stuff is going to stilllinger and the fragranceof this pandemic is not going anywherefor decadesit’s going to change marketplaces forgood permanentlythis will never change your energy isinfectious what you bring to the table how youcommunicatehow you deliver will never change thatis palpablethat’s what’s going to get you the jobbring the attitude of positivitythe eternal optimist believe inyourself communicate with convictionand you’re going to be right as reign in2021i hope you got a ton of value from thisvideo nes nation it means the world tome that you stuck aroundif you like this type of content you gotvalue from this please smash that smashbuttonand we would absolutely love it if you’dsubscribe and join us here at nesnationbecausei’m bringing you brain busting contentevery single week all about how to earn.

how to win your job in 2021
how to win your job in 2021

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to me thank you so so much for watching and please make sure you go check out this other video right here because they’re going to complement and take you even further check out this video right here about how to really ace the art and science of the video interview which is so important right now go check out these videos I’ll see you over there right now thank you.


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