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We provide information on How to Get a Student Visa for the United States from Pakistan for Pakistani students who want to continue their studies in another country. As we all know, it is not easy to obtain a Student Visa for the United States from Pakistan for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that we do not understand the proper procedure for applying for a Student Visa for the United States. In order to alleviate this problem, we have created this page where you will find detailed information on how to apply for a Student Visa for the United States from Pakistan. As children from our country Pakistan travel overseas for higher and better education in order to obtain good professions in the future by receiving an education from well-recognized universities, they are brightening the name of their country as well as the name of their parents.

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IIf a student want to study in the United States, he or she must first obtain a visa, after which he or she will be declared qualified to enter the nation. So let me tell you about the visa application process.

Procedure for applying for a student visa and types of visas:

There are basically two types of visas which are granted to international peoples for the United States

One is Immigrant visa which is applicable for permanent residing of a person in the US and to work over there also and can also leave the country without any restriction and rules of visa and this visa is known as Green card also.

Another category of visa includes Non- Immigrant visa.

A person applies for this visa under various circumstances such as:

When he/she lives in the US on a non-immigrant visa for a number of the years and are doing a job there.

When he/she is married to US citizen.

When he/she is married to Green Card holder.

When he/she has invested some amount in business and in any industry in the US.

A green card holder can sponsor periodically the close relatives such as Father, mother, sister, a brother for the grant of the green card even while still are living in their native country.

Now we are going to discuss the student visa which is named an F-1 Student visa which is related to a non-immigrant visa.

The condition of this visa is that a student can’t get a job outside of a university and is liable to leave the US after completion of studies.

Whereas a local immigration visa allows a student to work outside of the university during his/her second year of studies if his/her financial situation has changed and they convince the local immigration authority to allow the student to work, universities also offer jobs during the first year and it is possible to earn up to $500 per month.

Documents Required for Visa Applying:

Formal letter from the institution is most vital, mentioning the graduate, postgraduate fall or spring semester, and the cost of admission in whatever subject you have offered the course.

If you filed for admission for the autumn semester beginning in September, you will receive the form in April and July, but if you applied to more than one university, it is up to them when they will grant you admission and how much it will cost.

If a student has ultimately settled on a university, he or she must apply at least 90 days before applying for a visa.

Now, one must put out an application, enter the consulate with documents, and then collect.

Now one has to fill the application and enters the consulate along with documents and afterward collect an application form called-156 for visa and fill it carefully.

Information entered should be valid on visa and matches the passport information.

A student has to keep all documents in an envelope and fill the telephone number, address and keep them in an envelope after student get a visa they will return their envelope and the courier of DD rupees is paid at a separate counter toward courier charge for delivering this envelope.

The applicant is advised to arrange the documents in proper order before submitting them.

At the first sight at the counter will check the passport and after that accepts the DD amount which is collected as visa fees and give a receipt of it and after that counter officer will give a 3 fold pink detachable folder with an identification number to carry with your documents. And after that student has to go ahead to the next counter for scrutiny.

After submission of visa fees having 1 to 5 turns submission of documents is the next step and after their examination counter officer will ask you for the interview.

If a student is asked for the interview he/she must bring that pink foiled slip along with it and after this, all documents will be returned to you along with visa and passport.

If an interview invitation is not proposed by the student then they will get the visa through courier.

Students must submit their documents properly and one important document which is an institution copy is must be submitted to the consulate officer who would retain it which would be later sealed in an envelope and returned pinned to the passport and this copy envelope is submitted to immigration officer of the United States.

It’s the responsibility of the student to check all the documents carefully when he/she will receive the passport and visa.

Documents required during application of visa:

Form 1- 20 must be attached from the university where the student s enrolled.

Application form of visa which you have applied on that day must be required.

As the US Dollar amount varies from time to time so must check the amount when you take the DD.

DD must be obtained from a private bank, not from any cooperative bank and money will be paid in the form of a draft in the US bank.

One passport size photograph in matt form and one should be pasted on the visa application form.

The validity of a passport must be six months not less than 6 months.

IELTS/GMATS original test score is required.

Financial status certificate is required.

If financial assistance will be awarded by the university but is not mentioned in 1-20 form so student rejects this offer.

If your sponsor who supports you in your studies is living in Pakistan so for this additional documents are required.

Sponsors bank account statement following the availability in case of funds required to cover the expenses of the first year of studies require a passbook and a letter from the bank manager mentioning the amount which is lying in the bank.

An affidavit which has mentioned that the sponsor will bear the cost of studies of the entire education u stay in US and documents must be attested and signed by Notary Officer.

A certificate of sponsor financial resource by a registered chartered accountant.

If the sponsor is residing in the US then the following documents are needed:

His/her salary statement.

If the sponsor is neither residing in Pakistan nor in the US then the following documents are required:

Affidavit of support signed by the sponsor.

Bank account of your sponsor showing the availability of funds for the entire period of education.

His/her salary statement.

The decision of your visa community will be issued to you immediately after the interview. If you are entered as to grant you visa so you have to pay a visa fees for it. Cash will be submitted in Pakistani amount at a counter in the consulate office.

Visa Processing Time and its payment:

Visa Application Fee Payment Processing Timelines – Cash at Allied Bank

Time of Payment        Interview Booking

Pay before: 5 pm local time   11 am a local time the next business day.

Example: If you pay on Monday before 5 pm, your receipt will be activated after 11 am on Tuesday

Pay after 5 pm local time       11 am local time on the following business day + 1 (2 days after payment).

Example: If you pay on Monday after 5 pm, your receipt will be activated after 11 am on Wednesday

You will be required to pay a visa processing fee of $160 converted in PKR at the counselor exchange rate. The non-immigrant visa fee can be paid by visiting American Express Travel Service Visa Centres or authorized other locations in Pakistan which are given below:

Speed Ex Islamabad, Speed Ex Karachi, Speed Ex Lahore, Speed Ex Faisalabad, Speed Ex Gujranwala, Speed Ex Hyderabad, Speed Ex Multan, Speed Ex Peshawar. So that is the entire process of applying for a student visa from Pakistan to the United States.

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